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For each band ordered you help place one into a hospital maternity ward, funeral home or doctors office around the globe. To date we have placed over 3500 bands all 50 states and 5 countries. Together we shall shatter the silence by empowering, education and illuminating the tragedy of pregnancy, infant and child loss.

Shatter the Silence

SOBBS monthly healing projects are designed to give you a chance to reflect, mourn, honor, express your love and create healing in your grieving heart.

Caring Cradle

Infant death is a harsh reality we cannot prevent and we cannot always foresee. When parents are forced to say good-bye so shortly after hello, every minute matters. Would you help us give the gift of time to grieving parents nationwide? Please visit our CuddleCot project page for more information.


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Stories of Babies Born Still is an official non-profit that needs your donations to make a difference in the lives of families affected by this terrible tragedy. Every penny counts and all of the donations go towards helping those who have lost.