Stories of Babies Born Still is a non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment, education, and illumination of this tragic reality so many families have experienced.

We seek to shatter the silence by telling our stories and giving a face to those who have walked this path.

We strive to promote awareness through meaningful programs that educate, advocate and give our families the power to make a difference.

We believe that all babies that were born still were still born and we encourage our members to carry that torch for their precious children whether their loss was yesterday or many years in the past.

Together we can heal. Together we can make a difference. Together we can shatter the silence.


Mission Statement

SOBBS is an official 501c3 organization dedicated to shattering the silence concerning stillbirth and infant loss. Our goal is to surround bereaved families in love and support while endeavoring to place support devices in every single hospital in the United States.



Lori Esteve (Director/Founder)

Lori Is the founder of SOBBS. She started the organization after her first child was stillborn in 1986 at full term due to a “true knot” in the umbilical cord.

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Lori Is the founder of SOBBS (Stories of Babies Born Still) and the organizer of the United States Cuddle Cot Campaign Initiative. She lives in Florida with her husband and three children. Her passion for the baby loss community began after her first child was stillborn in 1986 at full term due to a “true knot” in the umbilical cord. Originally from a small town in northern Michigan with limited grief support services she mourned in silence for many years. After re-locating to Florida she began to write her story in an attempt to reconcile her unexplored feeling of loss, grief, depression, anger and guilt over the loss of her son. After sharing some of her writings on-line and receiving overwhelming and heartbreaking responses from many women who had also suffered a similar loss she decided to begin a support group. In 2010 SOBBS (Stories of babies Born Still) began as a small Facebook group offering a place for families to share, grieve, honor, remember, heal and above all connect with others families who suffered a similar tragedy. The group quickly grew and in 2012 she published “Wandering Purgatory”. The story recounts her heartbreaking loss and the guilt, depression and anger that affected her for several years after and how she finally found the courage to explore those feelings deeper and create a positive legacy in honor of her son. Desperately wanting to do more to help other families SOBBS became a non-profit in 2013 in hopes to raise awareness regarding pregnancy and infant loss. Realizing she would need funds continue her vision SOBBS became an official 501c3 in 2014. That same year the United States Cuddle Cot Campaign Initiative was born and countless families now have the chance spend precious time with their babies gone too soon. Today Lori continues to advocate and educate regarding infant loss while surrounding grieving families in love and support.


Rod Esteve

Rod is the treasurer for SOBBS. He lives in Florida and is married to Lori. He was born in Queens NY and later re-located to Florida where he meet Lori In 1996.

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Rod is the treasurer for SOBBS. He lives in Florida and is married to Lori. He was born in Queens NY and later re-located to Florida where he meet Lori In 1996. Rod had a strong desire to really get to know Lori and understand her pain, anger and depression and spent many evenings helping her explore her feelings of loss and sadness by asking questions and encouraging her to explore her grief. Over time Lori found talking about her feelings created love and healing in her heart and soon she found her voice and strength to become the advocate she is today. In 1997 the two were married. Rod spent the first several years of their marriage as a manger of retail sales for a large auto parts chain. In 2001 he decided to make a career change and entered into law enforcement. In 2010 when SOBBS was just and idea Rod helped formulate a plan of action to turn that plan into reality.



Gloria Simmons (Secretary)

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Gloria is the secretary for SOBBS. She is a retired grandmother of nine who spent many years employed as public relations expert for a large theme park in central Florida.


Tyler Wallace (IT Advisor)

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Tyler is a 24 year old University of Central Florida Student majoring in computer science. He enjoys on-line gaming, running, exploring the world of politics and his two dogs.


Anae Esteve (Volunteer)

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Anae is an 18 year old college student at Polk State College. Her interests include music, fashion, criminal justice, human interests and swimming.


Stories of Babies Born Still is an official non-profit that needs your donations to make a difference in the lives of families affected by this terrible tragedy. Every penny counts and all of the donations go towards helping those who have lost.